Munnira's highly customized Coaching sessions & Packages are tailored to your specific needs and personal time constraints.

What is the point of being successful according to society, but a failure according to your standards? Feeling dead inside, empty, stock, settling for less, accepting abuse, surviving, having no purpose, believing that things cannot change. We have all been there.

Real success is living life on your own terms, being truly ALIVE!

You Will Now Be Able To Build A Brand New Business, Which Enables You To Create Your Own Schedule, Be Your Own Boss, Have More Freedom, Enjoy your balanced time, Work from home And Most Importantly Help Others Achieve Their Dreams By Providing The Sought After Information That They Need To Be Successful.

Self love is taking care of our mind, body and soul. In that new practice I found that learning to honor my soul, my highest self that helps me awaken my full potential, heal my soul, sicknesses, and re-frames my reality.

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If you are part of a group or a community which gathers often but are seeking something meaningful to contribute to the society and the world, this group coaching is for your group.

It is a get-together facilitated by Munnira Sheikh, creating an as-built for group activities.

Do you want to move the world?

Make an impression?

Earn that raise or promotion?

Or just get your ideas heard?

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Learn Art and science of mindfulness. Being a certified ESP practitioner, I teach Jose Silva methods of meditation to create focus, stress relief, thought provoking abilities and cognitive developments.

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Once you are stuck at any level of career and can not think of new ideas to growth and improvement, this coaching is exactly tailored and customized for you.

With MACBAK Model, Munnira takes you through a transformation journey. As a result, a growth mindset with clear ideas about what to do, how to do and why to do evolves.

This is a coaching session that enables you to take control of your life, irrespective of changes, travels, transfers and ambiguous expatriate situations.

This process takes some of our individual coaching models and applies them in the Group setting working with like-minded teams either on the same level of leadership or performing similar assignments. 

Team coaching assist people to visualize a same vision together all by themselves.

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