Performance Accelerator

What is the point of being successful according to society, but a failure according to your standards? Feeling dead inside, empty, stock, settling for less, accepting abuse, surviving, having no purpose, believing that things can not change. We have all been there.

Real success is living life on your own terms, being truly ALIVE!

  • Identifying goals and defining a vision for success
  • Face live change & challenges
  • Facilitate transformation & growth
  • Develop habits of success and eradicate habits of failure
  • Creating professional and personal action plans
  • Identifying limiting beliefs and core values
  • Develop your will power and magnetism
  • Achieving work/life balance, Resilience & Grit
  • Learning to communicate more succinctly and effectively
  • Managing an important life or business transition
  • Create loving & fulfilling relationships
Fee for online Coaching: USD 200 (or its equivalent in GHC)

Fee for skype coaching: USD 150 (or its equivalent to GHC)

Online and mobile money payments options are available

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