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What Is This Course About?

First let me introduce myself to you. I am the CEO and Founder of

I am a mom of 2 sons so you can imagine my multi-tasking. I am basically from Pakistan, but since past 6 years am in Africa. My credentials include Masters in Business Administration, Branding, Marketing research, advertising, certifications in mind sciences, Certification from Erickson Coaching International, Canada, and currently learning Oxford Fintech master program.

Now because I have bought so much experience it is time now to show you the roads. And I’m talking about creating simple forces which can be sold out  over nights because now is the time and we know that everybody is looking for something which can comfort their online life as well can generate a 2nd stream of income.

We need to be clear in our mind, why do we need to create such a product. There might be some fears in head, if I teach what I know, everybody would copy and do the same. Well, let me tell you. Dream big. When you dream big, you will not see yourself selling only to couple of handful people around you, instead you will be selling to the whole world. Take your first movers advantage. Be the first one to offer it. And then we will master it so much, that no one can compete you.

An ULTIMATE opportunity For Every Coach/trainer/mentor/craftsmen, Who Want To Turn Their Coaching, Training Or Mentoring Business Into An Online Course.

Can you believe that online course and distance-learning industry is currently hitting $150 billion in sales!

In the next five years it’s going to easily become $350 billion industry!

Ghana itself, is a 30.88 mm country. Which has a contribution of 34.27% of population within the age group of 25-54 years. Giving us approx. 10 mm of population.

Ghana has immense potential of online coaching as Internet users’ penetration is very high. As the awareness increases, more and more people would be looking forward to learn online.

So why not get prepared and let your course be ready on dashboard?

In this course, I am going to offer my expertise, knowledge, information, insights and coaching for your course creation strategies…

I will give you the exact blueprint and a roadmap you need to create to launch your first online course.

With my easy to execute plan parts, you can easily launch your course within 30 days of time.

What I am focused on is called “Solutions”. Just results.


Build your second stream of income

The eLearning industry is projected to reach $ 325 billion by 20205. That’s triple the revenue of 2015.


Build your wealth

Among the main objectives of the people who are diving into the online learning is a career change, acquiring new skills and “academic credentials”.


Start today with small

So the possibilities for those who want to create and sell online courses are numerous and there is certainly something you can teach that there are people wanting to learn.

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Reach out, I am here for your support.

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